Setup Seminar: Understanding The New Aesthetic

A very enjoyable evening was spent at Setup, Utrecht, discussing the New Aesthetic with presentations by myself, Darko Fritz and Frank Kloos, organised by Daniëlle de Jonge. The discussion was opened up by Tijmen Schep who gave an interesting introduction to the main contours of the new aesthetic and explained why Setup had organised the evening lectures.

Darko Fritz tried to unpick the the claims of the new aesthetic to being either "new" or an "aesthetic" placing computer art and new media art within an art historical context. Frank Kloos gave a wonderful presentation with examples of the new aesthetic from a variety of different contexts, including datamoshing and recent use of the new aesthetic in music videos.

Overall the event was a great success with a really excellent audience composed on interesting people, experts and artists, and surprisingly the discussion around computation and the extent to which it has become part of everyday life was extremely vibrant and full of great contributions.

My earlier post on the New Aesthetic here.

Some pictures below.

Darko Fritz
Frank Kloos

Compos 68 in the audience.

Daniëlle de Jonge
Tijmen Schep


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