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Explainable Aesthetics

Computation combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning has raised interesting questions about authorship, authenticity, post-human futures, creativity and AI-driven aesthetics. Many of these debates foreground the question of the human, whether as post-human technologies or as challenges to the privileged status of humans as intelligent, thinking or creative beings. However with the recent Data Protection Act 2018 which was the enabling legislation in the UK for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) a new right has been created in relation to automated algorithmic systems that requires the "controller" of the algorithm to supply an explanation of how a decision was made to the user (or "data subject") – the right to explanation.[1] This has come to be known as the problem of explainability. More particularly, under the GDPR Article 22,
the data controller shall implement suitable measures to safeguard the data subject’s rights and freedoms a…

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