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From the Archives: A New Approach To Warwick (~1964)

A rather wonderful find in my archival research on the Plate Glass Universities. Currently being converted (and corrected) from rather badly reproduced typewritten pages to the digital. Strangely far-sighted in its vision for higher education, this parody was written by a professor involved in the original design for the University of Warwick in 1964. Enjoy!  A NEW APPROACH TO WARWICK (~1964) The deep disappointment of the Executive Committee at the 'dull', 'unexciting' and 'uninspiring' suggestions of the Academic Planning Board necessitates a re-thinking of the whole basic problem. It is no doubt natural, as one of the Committee has expressed it, that a bright new City of Coventry with Its bright new Cathedral needs its bright new University to be concerned with bright new subjects which are cognate with the bright new needs of a bright new society. In an attempt to ensure that the new foundation is 'with it' in these respects the following new basic p

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