Some suggestions for Art Projects

1. Subalternity - Can artists raise the issue of subalternity as a positive project through some narrative/photographic/film/writing. Questions of representation, voice and testimonial from postcolonial as well as western societies.

2. Police Actions - Capturing the movement from a 'state of democracy' to a 'state of war' in our societies (e.g. pictures of police carrying guns in the uk, parliament with a 'ring of steel', surveillence etc)

3. Property - Multinationals are increasingly controlling and owning public space. How can we understand, communicate this? e.g.

4. Time - Why are western conceptions of time (i.e. liner, scientific, structured) taking away alternative realities? Capturing non-liner time, e.g. subaltern people, stories, mythic, lyrical tales, the excluded etc. Can we create our own aesthetic of time in this project?

5. Postmodern Subjectivities - The factories are closing but new factories are opening. What do they look like, lets capture the emerge of new forms of worker (e.g. call-centre, creative, freelance, poor).

6. Nature - Nature is being reconfigured intensively as a resource to be exploited (e.g. genetic modification, intensive farming) but also as a commodity (i.e. paying to 'visit' nature) or even as economic resource (e.g. The Amazon Rainforest as a 'carbon bank'). What is beauty, and how is it being reconfigured into distilled photoshop super-real nature that makes us somehow disappointed with the 'real' nature we perceive and live everyday.


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