Understanding Digital Humanities Edited by David M. Berry (Palgrave Macmillan)

Should be out any day soon... 
  1. Introduction: Understanding the Digital Humanities; David M. Berry
  2. An Interpretation of Digital Humanities; L.Evans & S.Rees
  3. How We Think: Transforming Power and Digital Technologies; N. Katherine Hayles
  4. Digital Methods: Five Challenges; B.Rieder & T.Röhle 
  5. Archives in Media Theory: Material Media Archaeology and Digital Humanities; Jussi Parikka 
  6. Canonicalism and the Computational Turn; Caroline Bassett
  7. The Esthetics of Hidden Things; S.Dexter 
  8. The Meaning and the Mining of Legal Texts; M.Hildebrandt
  9. Have the Humanities Always been Digital? For an Understanding of the 'Digital Humanities' in the Context of Originary Technicity; F.Frabetti
  10. Present, Not Voting: Digital Humanities in the Panopticon; M.Terras
  11. Analysis Tool or Research Methodology: Is There an Epistemology for Patterns?; D.Dixon 
  12. Do Computers Dream of Cinema? Film Data for Computer Analysis and Visualization; A.Heftberger
  13. The Feminist Critique: Mapping Controversy in Wikipedia; M.Currie 
  14. How to See One Million Images? A Computational Methodology for Visual Culture and Media Research; Lev Manovich
  15. Cultures of Formalization: Towards an Encounter Between Humanities and Computing; J.van Zundert, A.Antonijevic, A.Beaulieu, K.van Dalen-Oskam, D.Zeldenrust & T.Andrews
  16. Trans-disciplinarity and Digital Humanity: Lessons Learned from Developing Text Mining Tools for Textual Analysis; Y.Lin



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