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Towards a Design for an Undergraduate BA Digital Humanities Degree – some thoughts

This post is a thought experiment to try to think anew about what a digital humanities programme might look like at undergraduate level. At the moment, most universities consider a BA in Digital Humanities an unviable option, particularly due to the lack of knowledge by students about the field and the relatively recent coinage of the term. Some of these modules could easily be incorporated into an existing BA Media and Communications, especially as options for students. However, it is an interesting idea to explore, even as an imaginary, and balancing out the different demands for such a degree. This is a first draft really, so it is aimed to start a discussion, but I am interested to discover what I have forgotten, or others consider necessary to add, augment or replace in this proposal.  This particular proposal for a Digital Humanities degree program has been designed to foster a dynamic and innovative education. The idea is that it balances the development of both "close read

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